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Form test code

Every UX practitioner knows the frustration of needing to do research, but your budget is $0.

I built this “form test framework” to support the research I was doing for my Form Research Study. I needed a test to run with over 100 people, but had no money to purchase or license an existing tool.

In lieu of a more robust option, I built this with HTML, PHP, a little bit of Javascript, and (thanks to the help of a friend), Postgres.

When a participant came to the site, two random conditions were generated on the backend, so that they would see two different form layouts. The framework measures the time to complete each form. None of the data on the form conditions is saved or validated (a possible limitation to the study, but much easier to build).

The code is on Github or you can play with the framework on Heroku.

(Note: Postgres is not configured on Heroku, so you will see an error message at the very end where it fails to post)


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