Mountain in Northeast Iceland

Peak Match

I was on a road trip with some friends, and we pulled over on the side of the road to look out at a truly gorgeous view.

As we looked out at mountains in the distance, we wondered out loud which ones they were. It would have been convenient to have a sign telling us what we were looking at – a feature I love in parks.

Sign with labeled mountains

Not my photo, but this is the idea.

After that, I started thinking about if there was a way to get that identification experience wherever you were, not just in a specific spot in a park. With some combination of GPS, the phone’s internal compass, and the phone’s internal altimeter it could be possible. I put together a very quick wireframe/concept for an app that would identify mountains for you. The project didn’t go any further, but I still think it is an interesting concept. If anyone out there is interested, I’ll give you the idea for free 😉


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