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Form time completion chart

Form research

After a very, very long time, a blog post I wrote for blog.pega.com about some form design research I did Feb 2017 is live! Read it here I also have a post…

axure logo with screens behind


I love prototyping. It is the best way to evaluate designs, and it exposes and reveals design assumptions (both known and unknown). A design can look good, and seem good, and explain…

Image of a form with placeholder text

About placeholder text

I was buying a charity raffle ticket, and ended up on this screen: Those gazelle icons are from my password manager (Dashlane), and when I opened this page I was pleasantly surprised…

Person marking a checklist

Auto Pay Bills

I have a confession. Until recently, I didn’t have a single bill set up to auto pay. I even paid utilities by check! I was a complete bill-pay luddite. Paying bills by…

Tom Cruise using the interface from the movie "Minority Report"

Gestural interfaces

Gestural interfaces have great potential, but there are serious considerations as well.  As all great stories start: we were at a bar. It was a HFES (Human Factors and Ergonomic Society) happy hour.…

Image of a computer screen with code

Form test code

Every UX practitioner knows the frustration of needing to do research, but your budget is $0. I built this “form test framework” to support the research I was doing for my Form…